Threshold is a logging community of about 5000, ably ruled by Sherlane Halaran, baron and Patriarch of the Church. The town is large for its population, filled with widely-spaced homes surrounded by vegetable gardens and livestcck pens.


Points of Interest

  • Town Hall: This is a very large building in the center of town, used for confiscated weapon storage, town meetings, public declarations, trials and entertainments.
  • Fishermen: This is a small (population 500) fishing village fronting Lake Windrush.
  • Fogor Isle: This island is the seamy side of town, largely built up before the Baron’s decree about close housing was passed. It is, therefore, like any other city’s tenement district – close, squalid buildings, narrow streets, and numerous opportunities for crime. There are many flourishing businesses here, some legal, many not. The city guard doesn’t venture across the bridges onto Fogot Isle after dark.
  • Loggers: This is an encamptment of loggers operating the nearby woods; about 500 loggers live here. This camp has it’s own wood-mill, replacing the Old Mill (see below). Most of the logs cut locally are floated downriver to Specularum, where they are used for building, ship construction, and so on.
  • Old Mill: On the north end of Fogot Isle is the Old Mill, which was more or less destroyed by fire 15 years ago. The blackened ruins remain and have never been knocked down. The ruin is home to numerous giant insects and has to be cleaned out periodically.
  • Ruins: North of Threshold, on the west shore of the lake, are the quiet ruins of an ancient town; stone walls still stand in places, and pieces of rubble dot the landscape. There are even hard-to-find opening to buried catacombs which are still open. The whole place is rather spooky and no one with any sense goes there.
  • Tarnskeep: This is the Baron Halaran’s castle – a small, sturdy fortress, with a single curtain wall and four towers and a large manor house. The manor has a dungeon beneath it (of the prison variety, not a lair for monsters).
  • Weir and Dam: The dame was built to keep boats from being able to travel upriver from Threshold; the Baron sees that as the prerpgative of Threshold residents only. The weir (a small screen of a dam which is used to catch fish) is used by Threshold fishermen; it can be dragged aside, and is, whenever logs are coming downriver from the logging camp north of Lake Windrush.


  • Within town limits, no magic-user magic may be cast. Punishments for offenders: Mild curses, increasing in severity wit repeat offenses.
  • Only daggers, swords and staffs may be carried within town limits; prohibited weapons are confiscated by town guards (a receipt is issued to the owners) and kept in the town hall, to be returned when the owners leave.
  • Though the wearing of armor is not against the law, town guards will repeatedly question someone in armor about his business – if he’s heading out of town to do something, fine, but if he’s just wearing armor because he’s too paranoid to take it off, the guards will gradually become convinced that he’s up to no good and haul him in for questioning.
  • No family house may be built within 50 feet of another family dwelling


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