Half-elves are a rare breed, the offspring of Men and Elves.

Physical Character

Build: Strong and slender, thinner than Men but stouter than Elves. They have thin, angular features. Males average 190 pounds, females 135 pounds.
Coloring: Fair, generally with brown or black hair and gray eyes.
Endurance: Considerable. Half-elves need but 4 hours of rest a day, either sleep or meditation depending on which life path they have chosen.
Height: Males average 5’11", females 5’6"
Lifespan: Half-elves live 250-500 years.
Resistance: Half-elves are virtually immune to disease and natural illness.
Special Abilities: Half-elves can see extremely well in the dark. Their vision under moonlight or starlight is as good as a Man’s during the height of day. In other situations when there is any light source, half-elves can see at least 30’ perfectly and fairly well up to 60’. In absolute darkness, however, they are no better than Men (i.e. they can’t see at all).


The following are related to Half-elves who have chosen a life path among their Callarii kin. Those who have chosen a life among humans will be as varied as their mortal brethren.
Clothing & Decoration: Varies, although it is generally well-made and beautifully and subtly adorned. Favored colors are deep blues and greens, grays and gray-greens, silver and white.
Lifestyle: Varies, although they generally live in secluded retreats or havens, or among Elvenkind. Their culture is much like that of the Callarii, although they are constantly concerned with the ways of Men.
Marriage Pattern: Monogamous. The line is traced through either the male or female.
Religion: Quiet, personal, and involving meditation. They respect the elven immortals and heroes, revering Callarii above all others.

Other Factors

Demeanor: Patient, reserved, considerate, balanced, mellow, and thoughtful.
Language: Most speak Calarii as their first tongue. They all know Thyatian and usually Traladaran if they choose.
Prejudices: Orcs are their sworn enemies.
Restrictions on Class: None.

Game Mechanics Summary

Ability Requirements: INT 9 or higher, CON 17 or lower
Classes: Any plus Fighter/Magic-User multi-class
Hit Die: Any
Weapons: Large weapons require two hands
Special: Nightvision; Detect secret doors (1-2 on 1d6); +5% on all earned experience, except if the Half-Elf is a member of a combination class.
Save Bonuses: +1 vs. Magic Wands; +1 vs. Spells
Languages: Thyatian, Traldaran, Callarii; +1 / point of INT bonus
Description: Typically about 5’11" to 6’3" tall, 135 to 190 lbs. Lifespan of 250 – 500 years. Pointed ears but other features tend to favor the Human parent a bit more than the Elf.

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