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When the clash of steel rings out in dark forests or dimly lit dungeons beneath the earth, it is the fighter who bears the brunt of the combat. Fighters are trained in the use of weapons and armor, usually beginning their adventuring careers after a stint of training as a town guardsman, soldier, man at arms, bandit, pirate, or mercenary.

Fighters are the backbone of an adventuring party; without them to hold the line, the other members of the party will be overrun before they can bring their own skills to bear. Fighters are the most powerful characters in melee or missile combat, whether on offence or defense. Together with the ranger and paladin, they have the most hit points, and their ability to survive the most brutal battles is therefore unrivaled.

They also have the best chance “to hit” of all the classes, particularly at higher level. They may use any kind of armor, shield, or weapon. Most fighters look forward to the day when their reputations will bring them into the ranks of the lesser nobility, where fighting prowess and armed followers are more important than high-flown bloodlines. It is no small matter to carve a freehold out of the wilderness, but to do so is to leave behind a legacy in a world where most fortune-seekers die an unsung death.

The Prime Requisite for Fighters is Strength; a character must have a Strength score of 9 or higher to become a Fighter.

Level Exp. Points Hit Dice
1 0 1d8
2 2,000 2d8
3 4,000 3d8
4 8,000 4d8
5 16,000 5d8
6 32,000 6d8
7 64,000 7d8
8 120,000 8d8
9 240,000 9d8
10 360,000 9d8+2
11 480,000 9d8+4
12 600,000 9d8+6
13 720,000 9d8+8
14 840,000 9d8+10
15 960,000 9d8+12
16 1,080,000 9d8+14
17 1,200,000 9d8+16
18 1,320,000 9d8+18
19 1,440,000 9d8+20
20 1,560,000 9d8+22


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