Dwarves are a short, stocky race; males stand about 4’ 9" and females stand around 4’ 5" tall and typically weigh between 130 to 150 pounds. Their long hair and thick beards are typically black, red or dark brown. They take great pride in their beards, sometimes braiding or forking them. They have a fair to ruddy complexion. Dwarves have stout frames and a strong, muscular build. They are rugged and resilient, with the capacity to endure great hardships. Dwarves are typically practical, stubborn and courageous. They can also be introspective, suspicious and possessive. They have a lifespan between two and four centuries long.

Please see the page on Dwarves for details on playing this race.


Most of the elves in the Grand Duchy are of the Callarii tribe. Elves are a slender people, standing 5’2" to 5’8". Their skin is pale, and they have pointed ears and fine, delicate features. Elves are lithe and graceful, moving with deftness and ease. They have keen eyesight and hearing. Elves are typically inquisitive, passionate, self-assured and sometimes haughty. They are essentially immortal, dying usually on due to violence or a weariness of the world.

Please see the page on the Elvish Races for details on playing an elf.


Halflings are small, slightly stocky folk who stand around three feet tall and weigh about 60 pounds. They have curly brown hair on their heads and feet, but generally have no facial hair. They are usually fair skinned, often with ruddy cheeks. Halflings are remarkably rugged for their small size. They are dexterous and nimble, capable of moving quietly and remaining very still. They usually go barefoot. Halflings are typically outgoing, unassuming and good-natured. They have a lifespan of around a hundred years.

Please see the page on the Halflings for details on playing a character of this race.


Half-Elves are the result of crossbreeding between Elves and Humans. An average Half-Elf male stands around 6’3” in height, with females averaging about 5’ 11". They have pointed ears and angular facial features. Half-elves.

Please see the page on Half-Elves for details on playing this race in the game.


Description: Humans come in a broad variety of shapes and sizes; the Game Master must decide what sorts of Humans live in the game world. An average Human male in good health stands around six feet tall and weighs about 175 pounds. Most Humans live around 75 years.

Ability Requirements No ability score requirements
Classes Any
Hit Die Any
Weapons Large weapons require two hands.
Special +10% to all earned experience
Save Bonuses None
Languages Thatian and/or Traldaran depending on background; +1 / point of INT bonus
Description Average male is typically 6’ tall, 175 lbs., and lives about 75 years.

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