Description: Halflings are small, slightly stocky folk who stand around three feet tall and weigh about 60 pounds. They have curly brown hair on their heads and feet, but generally have no facial hair. They are usually fair skinned, often with ruddy cheeks. Halflings are remarkably rugged for their small size. They are dexterous and nimble, capable of moving quietly and remaining very still. They usually go barefoot. Halflings are typically outgoing, unassuming and good-natured. They have a lifespan of around a hundred years.

The halflings in the Duchy are mostly immigrants from the Five Shires, drawn by the heavy trade in Karameikos and living as professionals within the human communities of the Duchy. There are many halfling traders, craftsmen and innkeepers in Specularum, Kelvin, and smaller communities. While there are no large halfling clans in Karameikos, the halflings have their own “subculture”, and many frequent taverns and other facilities which cater only to halflings. When halflings do admit a preference between Thyatians and Traladarans, they side with the latter, whom they consider life-loving, romantic, expressive people, instead of the Thyatians, whom they think colder and less sympathetic.

Ability Requirements DEX 9 or higher, STR 17 or lower
Classes Cleric, Fighter, Thief, Scout
Hit Die d6 maximum
Weapons Must use medium weapons in two hands. Cannot use large weapons.
Special +1 attack bonus on ranged weapons; +2 bonus to AC when attacked in melee by creatures larger than man-sized; +1 to initiative die rolls; Hide (10% chance to be detected outdoors, 30% chance to be detected indoors)
Save Bonuses +4 vs. Death Ray or Poison; +4 vs. Magic Wands; +4 vs. Paralysis or Petrify; +3 vs. Dragon Breath; +4 vs. Spells
Languages Thyatian, Traldaran, Halfling; +1 / point of INT bonus
Description Typically 3’ tall, 60 lbs., with curly hair, no facial hair, lifespan of about 100 years.

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