Character Creation

This game is based on the Basic Fantasy RPG system available from One can use the character creation method described therein with certain modifications. For simplicity, this wiki contains the core BFRPG rules with the appropriate modifications. In the case of a conflict between these wiki pages and the official BFRPG rules, the information presented herein takes precedence.

How to Create a Player Character

You may use a character sheet from the “Character Sheets and Other Forms” section of the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game downloads page, or you may simply use a piece of notebook paper.


  1. Roll for ability scores and note any bonuses or penalties for high or low scores.
  2. Choose a race and note any special abilities and restrictions.
  3. Choose a class and note any special abilities and restrictions.
  4. (Optional) Roll for character background.
  5. If not already done, record known languages.
  6. Choose alignment.
  7. Equip the character.
  8. Find Hit Points, Armor Class, Attack Bonus, and Saving Throw numbers.
  9. Select Spells (if applicable)
  10. Name the character.

Starting Level:

Start your character at level 1.

Attribute Generation Method:

Roll 4d6. Drop the lowest die. Arrange as desired. Write down the ability score bonus (or penalty) for each score according to the table below:

Ability Score Score/Penalty
3 -3
4-5 -2
6-8 -1
9-12 0
13-15 +1
16-17 +2
18 +3

Choose a Race

Choose a race from the allowed races listed below. Click the race for a detailed description of the race and it’s function within the game. Record your character’s racial abilities on your character sheet.

Note: several of these races are a slight departure from the BFRPG core rules.

Allowed Classes:

Choose a class from the list below and record any special class abilities on your character sheet. If you wish to play a class not listed below, let me know and I’ll consider it.

Standard Classes

Optional Classes

NOTE: If you would like to use one of the “kits" from the Quasi Classes supplement (opens a pdf file), let me know which one and what you’re character vision is. Quasi Class options include:

  • Archer
  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Holy Characters
  • Sage

Combining Classes:

Multi-classing (or Combining Classes) is only available to Elves & Half-Elves and then only as a Fighter/Magic-User combination. It does indeed function as two classes advancing simultaneously, XP being divided equally between the two classes. Combination class characters use the best attack bonus and the best saving throw values of their original two classes. Starting Hit Points is handled by adding the max HP for each class and dividing by 2.


Please refer to the Human Backgrounds and Demi-Human Backgrounds wiki pages to help determine your character’s background.


All characters begin the game knowing their native language. For practical purposes, what D&D and BFRPG consider Common is the Thyatian langauge (that of the conquerors). For details on languages see the Languages page.


Standard AD&D alignments. No Evil allowed. Click here for a description of and discussion on alignments and their uses.

Money & Equipment:

For all your equipment needs, check out the Equipment Emporium pdf. To determine starting gold, roll 4d6 and multiply by 10. You can either purchase equipment a la carte, or use the adventure kits mentioned in the pdf.

Movement Rate Calculations:

When figuring movement rates, ignore armor type. Part of your class training is how to move and operate in your armor. It counts for weight, but no further restriction.

Calculate weight for Light Load and Heavy Load as normal. Basic Fantasy RPG Core Rules p. 36

i.e. A fighter with a strength of 16, carrying 60 lbs, wearing Chain Mail armor would move at 40’ per turn. Likewise a Magic user with a strength of 10, carrying 40 lbs, wearing no armor would also move at 40’ per turn.

Hit Points:

Start with max HP for level 1.

Spells and Magic

Every Magic-User character automatically starts out knowing READ MAGIC. That spell’s a “gimme” and does not take up any spell slots.

0 Level Spells
0 level spells are called cantrips when used by Magic-Users, and orisons when used by Clerics. A spell caster may cast a number of 0 level spells per day equal to his or her level plus ability bonus (Intelligence bonus for Magic-Users, Wisdom for Clerics).

A spellcaster learns a number of 0 level spells equal to 1d4 plus his or her relevant ability bonus while in training, and can learn additional cantrips any time a trainer is available.

See “0 Level Spells: A Basic Fantasy Supplement” (opens a pdf file) for details.

For rules on casting spells (how many spells can my magic-user or cleric cast per day?) please refer to the Casting Magic Spells wiki page.

Supplemental Rules:

Weapon Specialization
Two-Weapon Combat
Thief Options (from Thief Options: A Basic Fantasy Supplement)
Zero Level Spells
Magic Point System

A note on genders:

I do not permit cross gender role-playing. If you’re a guy, you play a male character. Gal’s play females. No exceptions.

Character Creation

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