Casting Magic Spells

Magic is a powerful force manipulated either through the prayers of the devout or by the casting of spells. Through prayers, clerics draw upon the divine power of the Immortals. By casting spells, a wizard can direct magical energy – known as mana – to produce almost any effect. This can be both a fickle art and a precise science.

Spellcasters, both arcane and divine, use magic points to determine how many spells they may cast per day. Magic points are gained through study, devotion and experience. To calculate a spellcaster’s magic points, look at the number of spells they are able to cast under the standard D&D, AD&D, BFRPG spellcaster rules. Convert these numbers by multiplying them by the level spell level. Finally add in the character’s prime requisite bonus.

For example, a level 5 magic-user of average intelligence is capable of casting 1 third level spell, 2 second level spells, and 2 first level spells. Each spell is converted into magic points by multiplying it by its level. Every first level spell is worth 1 mp. Second level spells are worth 2 mp each, third level 3, and fourth level 4, etc., all the way up to ninth level spells (which are worth 9 mp each). In this case, the spellcaster would have 9 mp (magic points).

Magic points are then used to power both arcane and divine spells. Manna can be applied as the caster wishes; they may be applied to any spell, at any level. For example, a 9th level spell gives the spellcaster 9 mp. These points can be used to power one 9th level spell, or two 4th level and one 1st level spells. By the same token, 5 mp gained from 5 first level spells could be used to power one fifth level spell (provided the cast is of a level to actually cast said 5th level spell).

The exception to this system is the use of 0 Level spells. 0 level spells are called cantrips when used by Magic- Users, and orisons when used by Clerics. A spell caster may cast a number of 0 level spells per day equal to his or her level plus ability bonus (Intelligence bonus for Magic-Users, Wisdom for Clerics).

A spellcaster learns a number of 0 level spells equal to 1d4 plus his or her relevant ability bonus while in training, and can learn additional cantrips any time a trainer is available.

See “0 Level Spells: A Basic Fantasy Supplement” (opens a pdf file) for details.

Casting Magic Spells

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