Karameikos and Beyond

Jamlin's Journal, Entry 3

[Jamlin Soulaxe Journal Entry 3:]

Dear Journal,
By the Seven Fathers… I swear that last exploration was the worst. What began as a promising adventure ended with a Dwarven migraine, Stirge bites, getting gored by a Minotaur, a broken magic shield, and a 5000 gold piece resurrection fee for our young elf… But, I guess I should start at the beginning.

The morning before “my worst adventure so far” started, ironically, as grand as possible. First, our old pyromancer friend, Pyrhus, returned to the Keep. (With a few new magic tricks up his Fiery sleeves!) And second, each of us awoke to wondrous gifts. Believe me, my grin was ear-to-ear when, at the foot of my bed, I found a note and the “Helm of King Amramil”.

Haven’t the foggiest idea who I impressed for such a magnificent Dwarven helmet, but my mug is ever raised to the fellow! Mithral, expertly crafted, perfect fitting, and topped with a charming circlet crown of gold. The note that accompanied even mentioned the king helm was magical! (Note-To-Self; Find the origins of the Helm of King Amramil. The enchantment leads me to believe he was a powerful warrior. Maybe this warrior king’s helm has a matching set…) Quite a flawless start to an adventure.

However, as with all good things, it went all downhill from there. The party’s objective has been to find the whereabouts of an evil temple in league with that she-devil troublemaker, Elwyn. The Church of Karameikos knew it was nestled away within one of many caverns, but provided little else to go on. (Like, I don’t know, WHAT WAS IN THE TEMPLE? If this one is anything like the last temple the Church sent us to explore, There’s probably another dragon hungry for dwarf lurking inside… Oh the joys of adventuring!)

From our last dive, our polyglot clergyman, Theos, was able to narrowed the location of temple to one of three cave systems. Still in a great mood, I let Pyrhus pick which to explore. If only we knew what was in store for us. The entire cavern was practically bleeding magic out of the stone! Whatever the blasted enchantment was, it addled our heads and turned what was a “walk in the park” (I believe that’s the proper human saying,) into a labyrinth of misfortune. In the very first chamber we found a cluster of Stirges, nasty bloodsuckers with wings, and our “Phalanx tactic” failed fast.

We were… Unable to rescue Shava before the parasites drained her dry. (Blasted Vermin. I was so infuriated, at them and at myself, that I drew that dreadful mace to finish them off.) We fled. I wanted our elf resurrected immediately. I still feel like that I’m to fault for her death. With her back on her feet, (And our coin purses drained…) we returned.

During our second attempt, we found that the cave was moving. It wasn’t until later we figured out it wasn’t the cave, but ourselves under that magic effect, that was getting turned around. We managed to lose Took for a short time. (Ok… I’ll admit, at first I was relieve. The little guy can be big headache.) Losing him didn’t worried me at first, but quickly the thought of Took being swarmed by Stirges… or worse… crept into my mind and began to haunt me! I wasn’t going to lose another ally today. When we found him further into the twisting tunnels, I almost embraced the wee headache-maker!

Eventually, we found the source of the madness: A armed and armored Minotaur, skulking in his den. Midway through our fight, the monster landed a fierce blow on me, shattering my +1 Shield with it’s horn. (…The idea of beheading it and mounting it above my table in the Spicy Ale Tavern crossed my mind a few times.) A silver lining to “my worst adventure so far” was the small trove of treasure that the beast had stashed away behind stone-hidden alcove of his den. (Note-To-Self; the treasure we’ve been saving to sell later is adding up. I really need to catalog and appraise the horde. That way, once we’ve finished with this forsaken place, we can swim in our well-earned mound of gold!)
[End of Entry 3]



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