Karameikos and Beyond

long diseverd letter

sorry dad for the lengthen of the between letter been busy i and my friend have finally found the temple of chaos and cleared it distroyin all the forsaken book i came across found out my mirthrul book was a good way to keep the gear and us safe i am now a priest in the order
i will try to visit on my way back to the church bussy these days

the advainture with pyros jamlin and took got entrest when my magic mace broke and jamlin gave me his draining mace after he got a new sword and took is and intrest hafling and mudsa betred us in tthe proses

well me on my way home soon
\]your son

letter to father 2

dear father this last advanture was a bit of a tricky one the place was under a spell. we coldnt figure our left from our right. we finaly dicied to have me ancor a spot till we could logicly figure out how to get around by take alll our ropes and tieng them togher. to find out it was all becus of a mintor was shifting us around

The Minotaur's Maze

Pyrhus had found himself alone at Loyalar’s old hideout, now belonging to his allies and himself. With Jamlin, the halfling Took, and what seemed to be a revolving door of other companions off on missions for the church, the pyromancer had the solitude he had desired.

He spent a number of weeks researching new spells (and filling the ring he’d discovered with a few of his own; Pyrhus wouldn’t be caught unprepared). Many attempts to develop new spells failed long before he’d gotten to the testing stages, but he hit upon two, at the end. An uncomplicated Invisibility spell, for utility, and one other he was particularly proud of: a shroud of fire that would not harm himself or his possessions, but anything that came into contact with him would be scorched by the flames. That would give any hostile-minded goblins pause.

With his ring filled and his newest spells researched, Pyrhus was prepared to rejoin his erstwhile companions. He allowed himself one last night of rest before abandoning the quiet life he’d enjoyed recently. After a rejuvinating sleep, the mage stood and dressed, preparing his adventuring gear for the road. He was just about to depart his bedchamber when he discovered something at the foot of his bed that he had not seen before. Something completely new, that he had not placed there. In his room. Someone must have snuck in and left a trap…Loyalar!

Pyrhus approached the parcel cautiously. His first thought was to discard the thing, not even dare to open it. Something changed his resolve, though. It did not seem anything with malevolence to it. In fact, it seemed almost a friendly thing, something kind and innocent. With that impression in his mind, Pyrhus meticulously removed the wrapping and opened the container within, to discover a wand. A note describing it as a Wand of Wonder intrigued him; he had never heard of such a device, but he was eager to test it, along with his newest spells. The magic-user tucked the wand away into his pack and set out for his companions.

A long, uneventful journey brought him, at long last, to the caves where Pyrhus’s friends were encamped. There were Jamlin and Took, ever-present. Pyrhus had a certain fondness for the dwarf, as he had proven time and again to be a valuable and intelligent companion. Of the halfling, however, Pyrhus had his reservations…In addition to these two, a pair of relative strangers greeted the pyromancer’s eyes. A human cleric by the name of Theos, so heavily armoured he could scarcely move; and an elven magic-user named Shava. Pyrhus was uninterested as to hear what brought them to these caves with his more familiar allies. All he needed to know was that there was a healer and another spell-caster along to assist.

After a clipped greetings, the group briefed Pyrhus on their quest, and offered to allow him to choose the next cave to explore. He eyed the three they had determined to potentially house the temple, then selected one arbitrarily. Accepting his decision, the group proceeded in.

Their first foray into the cave ended poorly. While Pyrhus did have a perfect opportunity to test his fire-shroud (which performed magnificently and beyond expectation), the elf Shava was drained of her lifeblood by a swarm of stirges. Reluctantly, Pyrhus paid for a portion of her resurrection cost upon their hurried return to a nearby settlement. Then, perhaps not practically, but certainly mentally prepared for their next attempt at the cave, the group reentered.

They experienced few enough problems in terms of safety. A few fire-beetles, to Pyrhus’s great distaste, were found to reside in the caves, but he needn’t have worried as Jamlin proved himself time and again in Pyrhus’s eyes to be very worth keeping company, striking the beetles with such force as to obliterate their carapaces and destroy them to such an extent as to be unrecognizable as the vermin they were. Proceeding past the beetles, though, it became clear there was another concern in the caves.

It seemed to them all as though the cave system was shifting constantly. They frequently found themselves lost and turned about, retracing their steps and coming upon already-discovered caverns. By sheer luck and ingenious use of rope, the party came at last to a final chamber. Pyrhus’s attention, at first, was attracted to the fire in the center of the room. He thought it a beautiful thing, well-built and certainly well-tended. It was tall and roaring; a perfect flame, for its size. After he had finished appraising the fire, however, his eyes turned to the object of his companions’ concerns: a large minotaur, currently unaware of their presence. It was encased within a suit of formidable-looking plate mail, and it possessed a spear far too large for anything not of the minotaur’s size, or at least that was how it appeared to Pyrhus.

With a moment’s conference, it was decided how the companions would take advantage of their surprise. Took prepared a bolt, Shava a spell, then Jamlin and Theos stood at the front to guard their softer friends. Pyrhus elected to use his ‘gift’, and pointed the wand at the minotaur. He did not know what would happen when he spoke the command word, but he was hoping for an enormous fireball—one that would burn the minotaur to a crisp and cause his party-members to turn to him with astonishment and praise upon their lips. Pyrhus grinned in anticipation of his victory, then spoke the wand’s trigger loudly and with conviction, prepared to shield his eyes from the spell’s brightness. But no answering roar came, no flash of light. Instead, Pyrhus’s hair got wet. He looked up, ignoring the arrow and missile Took and Shava loosed, and hardly noticed the minotaur’s charge. He was too frustrated with the fact that it was raining.

He managed to turn his attention to the battle long enough to cast an untried-spell at the minotaur’s firepit, causing a small fire-creature to spawn from it and join the combat against the bull. He could then regard the rain once more in anger. He did not give a thought to his companions and the chamber beyond until after they had slain the minotaur, which to Pyrhus seemed slightly emaciated as compared to when he first saw it. Disregarding the unhealthy pallor of the beast, he proceeded into the room (and out from under the spontaneous-rainstorm).

They discovered a treasure-trove hidden away in an alcove, and plenty of gold and items to fund their adventure and reimburse them all for having had to resurrect the elven maid. With two of his spells having had successful field-tests, the minotaur slain, and scarcely an injury to be found (on himself), Pyrhus considered the entire adventure to have been a success. They left the caves quickly, finding their earlier predicament caused solely by a spell perpetuated by the minotaur, and prepared for another cave.

The group’s happiness at their achievement was obvious, and it seemed unassailable. Pyrhus even allowed himself a small smirk. This grew into a grin, however, when the halfling mentioned his burglar-fee to Jamlin, and the dwarf’s consequent exclamation.

Jamlin's Journal, Entry 3

[Jamlin Soulaxe Journal Entry 3:]

Dear Journal,
By the Seven Fathers… I swear that last exploration was the worst. What began as a promising adventure ended with a Dwarven migraine, Stirge bites, getting gored by a Minotaur, a broken magic shield, and a 5000 gold piece resurrection fee for our young elf… But, I guess I should start at the beginning.

The morning before “my worst adventure so far” started, ironically, as grand as possible. First, our old pyromancer friend, Pyrhus, returned to the Keep. (With a few new magic tricks up his Fiery sleeves!) And second, each of us awoke to wondrous gifts. Believe me, my grin was ear-to-ear when, at the foot of my bed, I found a note and the “Helm of King Amramil”.

Haven’t the foggiest idea who I impressed for such a magnificent Dwarven helmet, but my mug is ever raised to the fellow! Mithral, expertly crafted, perfect fitting, and topped with a charming circlet crown of gold. The note that accompanied even mentioned the king helm was magical! (Note-To-Self; Find the origins of the Helm of King Amramil. The enchantment leads me to believe he was a powerful warrior. Maybe this warrior king’s helm has a matching set…) Quite a flawless start to an adventure.

However, as with all good things, it went all downhill from there. The party’s objective has been to find the whereabouts of an evil temple in league with that she-devil troublemaker, Elwyn. The Church of Karameikos knew it was nestled away within one of many caverns, but provided little else to go on. (Like, I don’t know, WHAT WAS IN THE TEMPLE? If this one is anything like the last temple the Church sent us to explore, There’s probably another dragon hungry for dwarf lurking inside… Oh the joys of adventuring!)

From our last dive, our polyglot clergyman, Theos, was able to narrowed the location of temple to one of three cave systems. Still in a great mood, I let Pyrhus pick which to explore. If only we knew what was in store for us. The entire cavern was practically bleeding magic out of the stone! Whatever the blasted enchantment was, it addled our heads and turned what was a “walk in the park” (I believe that’s the proper human saying,) into a labyrinth of misfortune. In the very first chamber we found a cluster of Stirges, nasty bloodsuckers with wings, and our “Phalanx tactic” failed fast.

We were… Unable to rescue Shava before the parasites drained her dry. (Blasted Vermin. I was so infuriated, at them and at myself, that I drew that dreadful mace to finish them off.) We fled. I wanted our elf resurrected immediately. I still feel like that I’m to fault for her death. With her back on her feet, (And our coin purses drained…) we returned.

During our second attempt, we found that the cave was moving. It wasn’t until later we figured out it wasn’t the cave, but ourselves under that magic effect, that was getting turned around. We managed to lose Took for a short time. (Ok… I’ll admit, at first I was relieve. The little guy can be big headache.) Losing him didn’t worried me at first, but quickly the thought of Took being swarmed by Stirges… or worse… crept into my mind and began to haunt me! I wasn’t going to lose another ally today. When we found him further into the twisting tunnels, I almost embraced the wee headache-maker!

Eventually, we found the source of the madness: A armed and armored Minotaur, skulking in his den. Midway through our fight, the monster landed a fierce blow on me, shattering my +1 Shield with it’s horn. (…The idea of beheading it and mounting it above my table in the Spicy Ale Tavern crossed my mind a few times.) A silver lining to “my worst adventure so far” was the small trove of treasure that the beast had stashed away behind stone-hidden alcove of his den. (Note-To-Self; the treasure we’ve been saving to sell later is adding up. I really need to catalog and appraise the horde. That way, once we’ve finished with this forsaken place, we can swim in our well-earned mound of gold!)
[End of Entry 3]

Dear Diary (Shava)

I almost thought the last time a wrote in you was the last. Today as we were exploring, some strange blood sucking things droped from the ceiling and quickly attacked me. I deflected one but two others attached themselves to my left shoulder and right elbow. I struck at one on my arm, but missed as they almost drained me of my blood. Jamlin (he has helped me a lot since I first joined and is protecting me like a father, so naturally, I’m always picking on him) lunged and managed to smack a thing off of me. I was dizzy and could not see mutch for the loss of blood. Everything was fuzzy. I saw a former party member who rejoined us burst into living flame with one of his spells and scorch many of the bug/things. Theos smacked a few down and Jamlin used his mace of death to powder a few. Took was hiding in a corner (I think, for every thing was blurry. I had to geuss by the size). I thout it was took because it wasn’t attaking me … then every thing went black but i could still hear and think but my thoughts were scatterd. The last thing I heard was my loyal steed, Mist, cry long and loud – a sorrowful noise. Then there was fog and I stood on something hard.

The after life. I saw a figure come to me but everything was blurry. “Oh my you weren’t supposed to come yet” it said. I then found myself lying on a bed in the inn of Castelan Keep. The Keep’s Cleric had brought me back from that other world. As my vision cleared I saw my group standing around. After approximately five minutes I could see clearly and slurr a few words.

We remained at the inn the rest of the day then returned to our quest. On our second try at this cave we soon found the tunnels were changing on us. As we were walking I thought I was going insane. As I later found out I was blurting stuff about the walls talking to me and a giant mushroom is my friend. My head started to clear as we found a way to the boss wich happend to be a minitour. He charged at Jamlin and shattered the dwarf’s favorite shield. Now I was mad. I lunged at the monster cast a Magic Missile from my finger tips. It colided with the monster’s torso, nocking him back and to the ground. It surprised them when the 110 year old elf killed a minotaur (that’s around 11-12 in human years). After that I got a few gold and a black box. So now we’re relaxing at the inn and hearing strange tails of other’s adventures before I joined.


letter to father

dear father,

It been a week since we last set out. We as a group have come to get to know one another. This time we had a couple more join us another half-ling Tacken and a troldagen forget his name. we again headed out to the caves in search of or duty’s. We have learned to bottle neck them so that i and the dwarf ma hold them with our armor and shields as the others fires arrows daggers and spells or so i thought… the dwarf ran past me in such speed i have never seen wear armor leave an opening which luckily i was able to cove. Then we got flanked lucky we gained the control of battle back fast. we then found there eating hall and continued north to find there storage room. then returned south to find there sleeping chambers we we retreat a few yard to set or battle stance and again with little effort took them out. went back to the north to find there chef and made quik work of him. asked the last of there women to give us the way to the thing we searched.

i have gotten farther in my studies father. i hope i make u proud…

Your son, Theios
thous entry

well yeasterday was fun after a week of rest i set out with weird elf the calm darf and the halflin remindes me of a kid in size…… but i have to show the church and father i am wiorth and so we set outfor another cave today we get amboshed at first man that spear hurt after we got in the cave found more of the things after that a swarm of rats flinged my only jug of lantern oil to burn them to get there numbers down. then me and the darvf made a falin andf tunneld them as the halflin and elf ranged them down we figer out it easyer to protect theml.
i have to say i wasnt happy to hear in the begain this was my task but as time goes on i have to say our rag bag group is comin toghter

i need to find a churc to learn more form the other clerics

Jamlin's Journal, Entry 2

[Jamlin Soulaxe Journal Entry 2:]

Dear Journal,
Yesterday’s adventure was a challenge to be remembered! But, we were cutting it too close for comfort. (Note to self: invest more in health potions.)

Just when I thought I couldn’t hate anything more than Goblins, I get introduced to Kobolds. Nasty little buggers. I went to the caves with the group, ready to explore and test out my new heavy crossbow, when our group was jumped before we set foot in the forsaken entrance.

Our luck didn’t fair any better once we were inside. Swarms of Rats, more Kobolds, and the occasional crossfire from our own allies. (That human with the sling needs to watch it. He’s almost as bad as Took!) Cant complain, all in all. Half the loot we salvaged was from selling Kobold weapons and armor, plus two fine pieces of jewelry that we agreed to sell at a later time and place. (If only the Keep would buy and sell equipment more reasonably!)

Unfortunately, this morning I woke to find I picked up a little something from the caves that the others hadn’t. (Another note to self: Avoid rat bites.) From what I was told I had contracted an illness that was not only life threatening, but rather expensive to cure. (There goes this adventure’s earnings…) I don’t know what got into the Halfling, but he immediately shelled out the 750 gold caps for my cure… I’ll have to keep in mind a way to repay the little guy for his kindness, when I can.
[End of Entry 2]

my first adventure

I was walking through a small town (i forget the name) when I was called to help some travelers. I decided to go and see what I could do. When i got there i met my companions. All seemed trust worthy (although the halfling was a bit odd). We were sent away to some caves were we tripped upon the lair of some orcs. We fought them and barely came out alive. The halfling,Took by name, went running off somewhere (he acts more like a child then a grown halfling) and later led us to a room with some female orcs.

The cleric (man am i bad at names) who could speak orc stepped up and bellowed something which sounded like he was asking were the rest room was. Apparently it was not that as the orcs then were staring at him seemingly doe eyed. The dwarf started retching and I almost ran out of the room. We we did get some good information. We then went back and after a while found the chief. He was big and powerful and it took FOREVER to kill him and his mates. The dwarf used a forbidden mace and turned one of the mates to a withered husk of her former self. She was basically a mummy. When we were done we took the most valuable items and left. The cleric took what appeared to be a brass trash receptacle which we had told him to leave.

The keep which is our base of operations is a rather poor market. The refuse bin was more valuable than anything else we found (I wonder if I will ever understand humans).

A New Threat

From the journal of Baron Sherlane Halaran,
Patriarch of Threshold (Church of Karameikos)

15 Yarthmont, 999 AC

I have received disturbing news today. Further investigation of Elwyn’s activities has revealed that she had recently concluded a secret alliance with an evil temple hidden in some caves near Castellan Keep. This must be looked into but given the situation with the giants in that area, I doubt if the commander of the keep has any men to spare on such an endeavor.

I wonder… Would that group of adventurers be willing to undertake this mission? I must learn more about them.


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