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This game uses the Basic Fantasy RPG system available from basicfantasy.org. This is a rules-light game with an old school feel, taking us back to the good old days of Basic D&D and AD&D 1st Edition. Photobucket


The setting for this game is The Grand Duchy of Karameikos. The Duchy is a large tract of wilderness and unsettled land claimed by Duke Stefan Karameikos the Third. Although he claims control of a large area, sizable portions of the land are held by humanoids and monsters. The two main settled areas are the coast near the main city of Specularum and the Black Eagle Barony on the Gulf of Halag.

The weather throughout the area is usually temperate and mild, with short winters of little or no snowfall and long summers. Rainfall is ample but not heavy, and easterly winds blow cool breezes from over the sea.

The mountain range at the north edge of the Duchy is known by different names to the peoples of the territory: the Black Peaks, the Cruth Mountains, or The Steach.

Large sections of the Duchy are filled with dense forest. Humans maintain lumbering operations near the edges of the forests, but are loath to venture too deeply without good cause. This hardwood and softwood is a prime resource of the area, either for shipbuilding in the port of Specularum, or for export.

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Karameikos and Beyond

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