Weapon Specialization

From Combat Options Release 1

Under this rule, the player of a Fighter may choose a weapon in which the character is especially skilled. At first level, the player applies one rank of specialization to the chosen weapon. This choice must be quite specific; for instance, a specialization in the longsword will give no bonuses when using a shortsword.

Every third level after first (that is, 4th, 7th, 10th, etc.) the player applies another rank of specialization. Each new rank may be applied to an existing specialization, or to a new specialization.

For instance, at first level Darion’s player assigns a rank to longsword. Darion gains a bonus of +1 on attack rolls when using a longsword. At 4th level, the player may assign the new rank to longsword, giving a bonus of +1 on attack rolls and +1 on damage; or, the rank may be applied to a new weapon, such as the longbow, in which case both weapons have +1 on attack rolls but no bonus to damage.

Combat Bonuses
Rank (Attack/Damage) Attacks per Round
1 + 1/ + 0 1/1
2 + 1/ + 1 1/1
3 + 2/ + 1 3/2
4 + 2/ + 2 3/2
5 + 3/ + 2 2/1
6 + 3/ +3 2/1

As indicated in the Attacks Per Round column, at higher ranks of specialization the Fighter is allowed to attack more than one time per round. 3/2 means that the character may attack three time in every two rounds, once in the odd-numbered round and twice in the even- numbered round. At 2/1 the Fighter is allowed to attack with the specialized weapon two times per round. Additional attacks always come after all other attacks are resolved; that is, the Fighter attacks once on his or her Initiative number, then again after all “first” attacks are done. If more than one weapon specialist is involved in a battle, count Initiative down twice, once for “first” attacks and again for “second” attacks.

Weapon Specialization

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