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Welcome to the Karameikos & Beyond wiki!

The name for the campaign was chosen for a reason. The core setting for this campaign is the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, a setting devised by TSR for their Basic/Expert D&D game. While several modules from that set have been (and will continue to be) used, this campaign goes Beyond the original setting in several ways. First, we’re using as our core rules the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing game. However an ever growing list of house rules has caused the game to evolve beyond that. Second, as a lover of Tolkien, the Karameikos world has been altered to reflect a more Tolkienesque flavor.

This cover page contains the links to the various pages covering such topics as Character Creation, Background Information, Maps, etc!

Table of Contents

Player Character Information

Character Creation: This page has the basic instructions for creating a character in my BFRPG Karameikos Campaign.

Races: A description of the playable races in this campaign.

  • Dwarves: A more detailed treatment of the Dwarven people.
  • Elves: Descriptions of the three Elvish races.
  • Half-Elves: A description of Half-elves in the campaign.
  • Halflings: A description of Halflings in the campaign.

Human Backgrounds: Resource for randomly determining some basic background information for human characters.

Demi-Human Backgrounds: Like the page on Human Backgrounds but for demi-humans (you know, Elves, Dwarves, etc.).

Languages: Information on language selection including permitted languages.

Alignment: A description of and discussion on the various alignments and role-playing them.

Equipment Emporium: Everything from adventuring gear to household furniture (link opens a pdf file).

Strongholds: Rules governing who can construct a stronghold, and the procedures for doing so (including staffing said strong hold).


Acquisition of Spells: So, how does my mage get new spells anyway?

Familiars: Rules for incorporating special Familiars, under the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game rule system.

Libram Magica: A supplement for the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game listing all the spells for each spell wielding class and subclass and providing description of the spells. (The link opens a pdf file.)

Magic Research: Instructions for crafting your very own magic items.

The Encounter

Weapon Specialization: A Fighter may choose a weapon in which the character is especially skilled.

Two-Weapon Combat: What happens when a character uses two weapons.


The Grand Duchy of Karameikos – An Overview: Pretty much what it says. A snapshot of the area in play.

History: This page provides a brief history of what is now known as the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

Stefan Karameikos III and the Forging of a Nation: A brief account of the rise of Duke Stefan Karameikos and the birth of the nation of Karameikos.

The People: A brief description of the various human and demi-human groups which inhabit the Grand Duchy.

The Shearing Ceremony: A Traladaran custom for kicking the birds out of the nest which has been adopted by the Thyatian.

The Clergy: The faiths present in Karameikos, what they believe and how this affects play.

Calendar: An explanation of time in the Grand Duchy.

Economics and Taxation: Discusses the handling of money in the Grand Duchy.


Black Eagle Barony: A rather unpleasant place to be.

Specularum: The Capitol of Karameikos

Threshold: A logging community in northern Karameikos.

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