Human Backgrounds

Family Social Standing

Roll percentile dice (1d100) and compare the result to the chart below. This will tell you the economic standing of the family your character comes from.

(Roll 1d100)
01-30 Penniless
31-60 Struggling
61-75 Comfortable
76-85 Wealthy/Untitled
86-95 Wealthy/Titled
96-97 Very Wealthy/Untitled
98-99 Very Wealthy/Titled
00 Royal Family

The lowest class is “Penniless.” There is no slavery in Karameikos.

Important Note: When you roll your Family Background, write down the number you rolled, you’ll use it again momentarily.

Traladaran or Thyatian

Now that we know the social standing of the character’s family, we can determine whether the family is Traladaran or Thyatian in composition.

If you don’t feel you know enough about Karameikos to choose your family ethnic background, then roll percentile dice (1d100) and add one-half of the number you rolled for the Family Social Standing chart above (round down). Compare the result to the chart below to determine your family’s origin.

(Roll 1d100 plus 1/2 pervious roll)
01-70 Traladaran
71-90 Mixed
91+ Thatian

If your result is Traladaran, your family is predominantly Traladaran and its head is of the native population. If your result is Thyatian, your family is predominantly Thyatian and its head is of that people. If your result is Mixed, your immediate family contains both Traladarans and Thyatians (the GM can help you set your family up, but the usual arrangement is of an ex-military Thyatian father and Traladaran mother, with relatives from both sides of the family. If on the Family Social Standing chart, you rolled a 00 (Royal Family), you’re automatically Thyatian

Home Town

Finally we get to where you’re from. If you don’t feel you know enough about Karameikos to choose, or if your GM prefers you to, do this:On the chart below, roll Id20 and add any appropriate modifiers from those listed below the chart. The result is your character’s origin.

(Roll 1d20, add modifiers listed below)
01-03 BlackEagle Barony
04-10 Homestead (Choice)
11-13 Village/Town (Choice)
14-16 Kelvin
17+ Specularum

Character is a Cleric: +2
Character is a Magic-User: +4
Character’s Family is Comfortable: +2
Character’s Family is Wealthy: +4
Character’s Family is Very Wealthy: +6

Explanation of Charts Results
The place you rolled is your character’s home town. Here are some notes on the individual chart results:

Black Eagle Barony: The character grew up in the awful barony ruled by Ludwig von Hendriks. He successfully fled the Barony at the time of his Shearing, but his family is still there.*

Homestead: The character grew up in one of the innumerable family homesteads scattered across Karameikos.

Village/Town: The character grew up in one of the numerous Karameikan villages or towns.

Kelvin, Specularum: The character grew up in the city indicated by the die-roll.

Human Backgrounds

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