Demi-Human Backgrounds


Family Social Standing

Though the elves in Karameikos do have complicated and intricate social structures, “social standing” is no an important element of that structure. The elf’s profession, and the way their professions are related and utilized to the good of the clan, are the important elements of the elvish social structure.

So most Karameikan elves are “commoners”. Some few families are community “lords”, and it is they who coordinate the efforts of the community. None of the elves in Karameikos live in grinding poverty or in lavish wealth. By human standards, all elves are “Comfortable”.

(Roll 1d100)
01-90 Common
91-00 Lord


There are two types of elves in Karameikos. Most common are the Callarii elves – bright, energetic elves living in the central forest. All PC elves will be of this clan. The other clan, not documented here is the Vyalia clan. They live in an unexplored area of Karameikos and it may be in the future, as PCs explore that area, that Vyalia elves may be available for play.

Home Town

You’re free to choose where your elf comes from. The woods where the elves are most numerous are shown on one of the maps in the Map Room, and your character is most likely to have grown to maturity in those woods.

You may, however, also choose your character’s current residence. Many warrior-elves have served in the Duke’s Elvenguard in Specularum and now live in the human communities working as freelance soldiers and adventurers.


Family Social Standing

Dwarves have a more human-like social structure in their community. They tend, however, to look after their own more than the humans do, so there is no “Penniless” class among them. Roll a dwarf’s family social standing on the chart below:

(Roll 1d100)
01-30 Struggling
31-60 Comfortable
61-95 Wealthy
96-97 Very Wealthy
98-00 Ruling

The Highforge community is a craftsman, mining, and trade community, so the fortunes of the very wealthy are based on creation and sale of exquisite crafts. Among dwarves in Highforge, the families of beginning craftsmen or miners (apprentices), or soldiers protecting the community, tend to be Struggling. The families of improved craftsmen or miners (journeymen), officers of the soldiery, and merchants who accompany the annual Gnome Caravan tend to be Comfortable. The families of craftsmen of great ability (masters with exceptional skill) tend to be Very Wealthy.

The male and female heads of the Stronghollow dwarven family of Highforge can bear the titles of Lord and Lady.

Home Town

All dwarves of Karameikan origin come from Highforge originally. With DM permission, you can have your character now be a resident of another community, perhaps living in one of the larger human communities.

The Adventuring Dwarf

The craftsmen and traders of Highforge don’t approve of their own children gallivanting around and performing adventures. Therefore, a dwarf adventurer will not receive any of the benefits of his family’s wealth until he returns (for good) to his family and community


Family Social Standing

Roll your Family Social Standing on the following chart:

(Roll 1d100)
01-20 Penniless
21-50 Struggling
51-95 Comfortable
56-00 Wealthy/Untitled

Home Town

You may, with the DM’s permission, choose your home town.

Demi-Human Backgrounds

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