This is the calendar used by the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Karameikos fallows the Thyatian dating, which measures the start of the modern calendar from the crowning of the first Emperor of Thyatis, exactly 1000 years ago.

Kaldmont, Nuwmont, and Vatermont are the months of winter; Thaumont, Flaurmont, and Yarthmont are the springs; Klarmont, Felmont, and Fyrmont are the Summer; and Ambyrmont, Sviftmont, and Eirmont are the autumn.

Rainy season, with scattered showers every few days, starts in early Vatermont and continues into late Thaumont. Because of breezes coming off the southern ocean, summertime months tend not to be too uncomfortable (peaking at about 90 degrees F). Winter, too, is fairly mild; the warming ocean breezes and the barrier of the Altan Tepes mountains keep cold northern weather from descending in full force on Karameikos.

Dates of Importance

1 Nuwmont The start of the New Year. This calls for celebrations: Most businesses close, there are parades in the streets and other winter festival activities, especially in Specularum. This year (AC 1000) 1 Nuwmont is the Millenium Celebration of the crowning of the Emperor of Thyatis, so the affair will be larger and louder than ever.

1 Vatermont The Duke’s and local tax collectors collect taxes for Svjfrmont through Kaldmont of the previous year.

1 Thaumont This is officially the fmt day of spring (regardless of the weather). The Gnome Caravan traditionally sets out for Speculanun on this day. This is also the traditional date for the start of the shipping season.

11 Thaumont The Gnome Caravan usually arrives in Specularum on this day.

15 Thaumont All trading done, the Gnome Caravan usually leaves Specularum on this day.

1 Yarthmont The tax collectors collect taxes for Nuwmont through Thaumont of this year.

1 Klarmont This is officially the first day of summer.

1 Felmont Beast’s Day. This is the traditional date of the last battle between King Halav and the Beast-Men, and is a big, lavish Traladaran holiday all over Karameikos. Participants dress up as Beast-Men and wander the streets in parades, and there are mock battles between Beast-Men and Men, dances, and other events commemorating the battle. Religious observations are held by clerics of the Church of Traladara.

1 Fyrmont The tax collectors collect taxes for Flaurmont through Klarmont of this year.

1 Ambyrmont This is officially the fmt day of autumn.

28 Sviftmont The Duke’s Birthday. This is a holiday in Specularum, with events like those of the New Year celebration.

1 Eirmont The tax collectors collect taxes for Felmont through Ambyrmont of this year.

1 Kaldmnnt This is officially the first day of winter.


To help you understanding here are the months and days along with their corresponding real world counterparts:

Kaldmont – December
Nuwmont – January
Vatermont – February
Thaumont – March
Flaurmont – April
Yarthmont – May
Klarmont – June
Felmont – July
Fyrmont – August
Ambyrmont – September
Sviftmont – October
Eirmont – November

Days of the Week
Lunadain = Monday
Gromdain = Tuesday
Tserdain = Wednesday
Moldain = Thursday
Nytdain = Friday
Loshdain = Saturday
Soladain = Sunday


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