Pyrhus Karameikos


Pyrhus Karameikos
Human Pyromancer

Pyrhus stands six feet tall and weighs roughly one hundred sixty pounds. His dark black hair creates a stark contrast to his tanless skin and icy blue eyes. He still wears the fine robes he wore previous to being turned out of his home in the Traladaran tradition his family choses to observe, though he takes the precaution of covering his finery in a rough traveller’s cloak. Pyrhus walks with the air of authority that he gained through many years of being a spoiled child in a wealthy home, used to giving orders and having them followed. Peeking out from underneath his cloak is a belt with two daggers stuck into it and several pouches containing miscellaneous baubles and components. Anyone with an advantageous view can also see that he has a marble dagger hung about his neck and tucked under his robe, guarded by a leathern sleeve.

His staff is of a sturdy sort of wood and shows the individuality of its owner. There are multiple carvings running down the top half of the staff depicting various proud moments from his life, and also several inscriptions of phrases and verses important to Pyrhus. The only places unadorned are the bottom third that remains free of any carvings, and the leatherbound handhold just above the middle section of the staff. Attached to the staff by a chord tied through a hole in the top is a prong that looks to have belonged to a large beetle. Additionally, a gem has been set into the tip of the staff with steel and gold.

Level 3 (XP: 7340)

Str: 9
Int: 16 +2
Wis: 12
Dex: 12
Con: 15 +1
Cha: 11

AC: 11 (11 w/ out Dex bonus)
AB: +1
HP: 14
MP: 8

Saving Throws:
-Death Ray/Poison: 13
-Magic Wands: 14
-Paralysis/Petrify: 13
-Dragon Breath: 15
-Rod, Staff, Wand: 14

-Thyatian, Elven, Traladaran

-Dagger (x7)
—Damage 1d4
—Range 10/20/30
-“Snoutsmasher” (Quarterstaff)
—Damage 1d6
—Damage 1d4
—Range 30/60/90
—Ammo 17
-Marble Dagger
—Damage 1d4
—Range 10/20/30
—Special +1 Ab

—Mage Hand
-Level 1:
—Read Magic
—Fire Bolt
—Athame of Fire
—Fire Play
-Level 2:
—Aura of Fire

-Mage’s Robe
-Scroll Case
—Scroll of Fireball
—Scroll of Sleep
—Scroll of Floating Disc
—Scroll of Protection from Undead
-Wand of Wonder
-Ring of Spell Storing
—Firebolt x7

-Torch (11)
-Flint and Steel
-Winter Blanket
-Rations, dry, 1 week
-Sack, large
-Sack, small (2)
-Tent, One person
-Chalk, small bag
-Tarnished Silver Dagger
-Hemp Rope (50 ft)
-Silk Rope (47 ft)
-Plantinum coins, 40
-Gold coins, 748
-Electrum coins, 62
-Silver coins, 300
-Fresh-cut Minotaur Horn

Belt Pouch
-Purple Gem
-Fire Beetle Prong
-Potion of Healing (1d6)
-Potion of Gaseous Form

Stored at Home
-Alchemist’s Notes
-Book of Ancient History
-Platinum coins, 103
-Gold coins, 2454
-Silver coins, 13
-Copper coins, 15
-Empty Wand
-Miscellaneous Possessions


Pyrhus, prior to his life as an adventurer, had lived an easy existence within the royal household. As the nephew of the Grand Duke, he had enjoyed a good many privelages and grown very used to them. He was afforded whatever he desired, be it clothing, food, or, as was far more common for him, knowledge. Pyrhus enjoyed learning, and even more than that, he enjoyed putting his knowledge to use. In no way was he better able to do this than by becoming a practitioner of magic. Thanks to his family’s wealth, Pyrhus was instructed by a very skilled instructor in the ways of spellcasting, and, though he struggled occasionally with some spells, found a magnificent talent with fire-magics. Taking to heart the suggestion of his teacher, Pyrhus became a Pyromancer, a kind of magic-user specializing in spells of flame and heat.

Pyrhus expected for his life to continue in this manner for some time to come, but was cruelly surprised when his family decided to adopt local traditions; namely, one known to the Traladarans as Shearing. Shearing was the practice of turning children out of their homes when they came of age that they might ‘discover themselves’ and experience the world. Pyrhus, having been a spoiled youth, did not take kindly to this treatment. He resisted his parents as long as he could, even going so far as to enflame a portion of his mother’s gardens (quickly extinguished by Pyrhus’s instructor). At the last, unfortunately for the young mage, the parents triumphed. Pyrhus was expelled from his home, not to return until after his Shearing was completed. Frustrated at the indefinate time-frame that laid between the present and his return home, Pyrhus began his journeys; despite the embargo his parents had created on granting him anything more than the clothes on his back and what few possessions he could take with him, he was determined to continue his luxurious life as best as he could. If that meant adventuring and hoarding gold gotten from dank dungeons and vile monsters, so be it.

Pyrhus travelled to a small village in some region of Karameikos he had never been to, one he was told was named Threshold. Upon his arrival, he met a small number of like-minded individuals, seeking their fortune. He engaged in adventures with them, and came to lose the sense of entitlement that he had learned in his parents’ household, realizing at last that he would have to learn practicality and cooperation if he wanted to survive the life that lay before him.

After several of these dangerous and sobering adventures, Pyrhus was at last reconstructing his old life. His companions and himself had claimed a lair from another magic-user, one Crugeon Loyalar. Though the mage, himself, had escaped their clutches, Pyrhus knew that they would eventually meet again. The pyromancer looked forward to the day he could end the man Pyrhus had taken as his rival. In the meantime, the royal-youth had opportunity to practice and improve his magic, and also to enjoy the comfort of his own home with the knowledge that he had a good fortune laid by in the coffers locked away in his hiding-place.

Pyrhus Karameikos

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