Baron Sherlane Halaran


Baron Sherlane Halaran is in his early 60s, an aging warrior-cleric who’s still capable of hoisting a mace in the name of righteousness. His hair is snow-white; he goes clean-shaven. His eyes are blue. His most dominant facial characteristic is the prominent, jutting nose. He wears unpretentious clerical robes and does not wear a baronial coronet.


Patriarch of Threshold (Church of Karameikos)

Sherlane Halaran was a Patriarch of the church in Thyatis before following Duke Stefan to Karameikos. Halaran was saddled with double duties in Karameikos; he was granted the title of Baron of the Threshold area, and the newly-founded Church of Karameikos named him as Patriarch of the area. He has, however, executed both his secular and religious duties fairly and well, and is highly regarded by the people of Threshold.

Halaran’s character is made up of both grandfatherly affection and stern discipline. Behave in a good-natured manner, stay within the laws, and he’s the cheery, soft-spoken man liked so well by the people of Threshold. Act in an unbecoming manner by attacking or insulting someone, breaking the law, or just behaving childishly and he becomes grim and ominous, eyes flashing anger as he pronounces sentence on the offender.

Baron Sherlane Halaran

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