Karameikos and Beyond

My First Adventure

I was walking through a small town (i forget the name) when I was called to help some adventurers. I decided to go and see what I could do. When I arrived I met my future companions. All seemed trust worthy (although the Halfling was a bit odd). We were sent away to some caves were we came upon the lair of some orcs. We fought them and barely came out alive. The Halfling,Took by name, went running off somewhere (he acts more like a child then a grown Halfling) and later led us to a chamber with some female orcs.

Our cleric (I have always been poor with names) who could speak Orcish stepped forward and bellowed something which sounded like he was asking were the jakes was. Apparently it was something other as these female Orcs were suddenly staring at him with what must be the Orcish equivalent doe eyed adoration. The Dwarf started retching and so disturbed was I that it took a concerted effort of will to keep from running from the room. We did, however, get some valuable information.

Following the information from our cleric’s new admirers, we located the chief in short order. He was big and powerful and it seemed to take forever to kill him and his mates. The Dwarf used a forbidden mace and turned one of the concubines into a withered husk of her former self. She was instantly desiccated and seemingly mummified. After achieving victory we took the most valuable items and left. The cleric took what appeared to be a brass trash receptacle which we had told him to leave.

The keep which is our base of operations is a rather poor market to offload our bounty. The refuse bin turned out to be more valuable than anything else we found (I wonder if I will ever understand humans).

— S

The Story So Far
Once upon a time...

Professional eviction experts
to clear out recently
purchased home.
Contact Clifton Caldwell

That’s what the post at the tavern said. Actually that post was at pretty much every tavern in Threshold and in some other random locations. This guy, Caldwell, really wanted some adventurers! Turns out he was some jumped up minor Thyatian lordling who’d managed to acquire an old castle (more of a small keep really) and needed some adventurers to clear it out. He was paying moderately well, so we took the job.

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